our story.

current social media platforms take advantage of your feed and personal data to promote advertisements. we give you back control—we have no ads, it's free, and you earn value for what you share. with our unique features and decentralized community, we empower users of all types to maximize their potential. you can connect. share. crowdsource anything. your voice is your own.



discover your true social impact. migrate your reach metrics from multiple channels, choose your best content, and set-up your secure, personal brand dashboard. it's your voice out there, bring it home.

share better.

in multimedia and synth—our unique blog format. the three-tiered content feed is chronological and customizable. easily stay in touch with your friends, while also following the people you admire.

how it works.

earn more than just praise. receive credit for your posts and exchange it for cool products or user services within the platform, even cash. we are a community that values quality content, no matter how many followers you have.

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crowdsource anything.

for every like, comment or share you get on your posts in the Collective, you receive VC Credits. you can accumulate these credits and exchange them on the Internet of People for user services, or shop at the Market, the home for businesses. it's value you can exchange for the content you provide—your voice.

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internet of people catalog.

those who have an established a personal brand can list their skills and services in the IoP. from custom content, or micro-transactions like reviews or recommendations, you can set your price in VC Credits, currency, or a combination of both.


the place where businesses list their offerings in exchange of VC Credits, currency, or a combination of both. ads live here and you can follow your favorite brands to stay in touch with news, services and exclusive deals.



brooklyn, ny